5 ways to use Dead Sea Salt Cream for psoriasis relief

5 ways to use Dead Sea Salt Cream for psoriasis relief

Hooray! You've purchased your first Dead Sea Salt cream, and you're probably very excited to try it out. (And if you haven't gotten a Dead Sea Salt cream and you're reading this, click here, order some ASAP, and come back)

We’re excited too. You're about to use one of the most effective non-steroid treatments for your psoriasis; you have every right to celebrate the calm skin that's coming your way.

But before we pop all of the champagne, let's go over a few key ways to use your Dead Sea Salt cream most effectively.

After all, our products are not like your usual off-the-shelf creams, and depending on how you use them, they can be about average or 10x anything you've ever tried before.

We want to aim for the 10x, and hear more stories like Lynn here:

This stuff is amazing. I have no idea what's in it, don't care to know! What I do know is that it started working immediately and could tell a big difference in just a couple of days.....One week later, I am no longer scratching, I'm no longer embarrassed and I actually do a double take to see how clear my elbows are now. Thank you so much for this wonderful and relieving product!!

So, let's dive into this quick guide of 5 ways to use the Dead Sea Salt Cream for psoriasis relief.

Key method 1: Just after showering

skincalm dead sea salt cream on bathroom counter

After you've stepped out of the shower or bath, your skin is still wet. While it's still damp like this and your pores are open, apply a small amount of Dead Sea Salt cream to problem areas.

Gently rub it into your skin in a circular motion until it's fully absorbed.

Key method 2: Before going out into the sun

applying skincalm psoriasis dead sea salt on the beach

You can essentially replicate Dead Sea Salt therapy (soaking in the Dead Sea and sunbathing) with our cream. The Dead Sea salt interacts with the UV-B coming from the sun, and you should notice a new layer of healthy, happy skin in a couple of days after a good sun sesh. (You may see some skin peeling, but that’s totally normal!)

Key method 3: Hairlines and scalp before bed

applying skincalm dead sea salt cream on hairline

Scalp psoriasis can be just as uncomfortable as anywhere on your body, and this Dead Sea Salt cream can actually help a lot with both itchiness and flaking.

Before going to bed, lather on a generous amount onto your hairline or scalp and really work it in. You can either leave it like that or seal it in with plastic wrap. Then, rinse it off gently once you wake up. You should start seeing results immediately, and lasting effects if you do it with a heavy emphasis on consistency.

Key method 4: On-the-go

handbag on rack

To help with itchiness and redness, keep a container of Dead Sea Salt cream in your purse or bag to apply when you're on the go. When you feel it becoming dry, apply a little dab to keep the skin moist and knock down the inflammation. Keeping this kind of close attention can make problem spots go away in a matter of days, and also gives you peace of mind.

Key method 5: Like a normal cream

using dead sea salt cream for psoriasis

All of the above is well and good, but sometimes you just get busy or forget. Don't worry - our Dead Sea Salt cream is just as effective when used like a normal cream. Use it when your skin is itchy, flaky, dry, or just plain in need of soothing relief.

With that, you’re now prepared to unleash the full might of the Dead Sea Salt for your psoriasis! Please let us know if you've got your own routine that works particularly well for you. The entire SkinCalm™ community would appreciate your insights!

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