About Us

How SkinCalm™ came to be

Noriko Fitz-Gerald, founder of SkinCalm

Hi 👋  

I'm Noriko, founder of SkinCalm™. 

Like you, I have psoriasis. And I used to struggle with it a lot. 

Every doctor I went to tried to put me on more and more chemical and steroid creams that only helped for a short period of time before making my skin worse, rather than better. That's why, one Sunday morning after trying an endless list of different creams for years on end without success - it was finally time to take matters into my own hands.

So, I started experimenting in the kitchen with a blender and a bag of ingredients I bought at the farmer's market. I went through thousands of different formulas and ingredients, researching everything from ancient Far East medicines to ayurvedic treatments. 

The breakthrough came when I incorporated Dead Sea salt therapy. It gave me immediate itchiness relief, a sense of calm, and most importantly, really helped my cracked skin in ways that nothing else ever did. 

Obviously, it's hard to get to the Dead Sea (because it's in Israel, literally on the other side of the earth for me). So I figured, I would bring the Dead Sea to everyone who needed it - and SkinCalm™ was born. 

The formula for the cream has obviously changed a bit since then, but the core concept is the same. Using Dead Sea salts to treat psoriasis in a natural way. 

I want to share my success with everyone, which is why I turned it into a store. There is no need for psoriasis sufferers to spend more money on ineffective and expensive treatments when we can all be confident in our skin again with SkinCalm™. 

We look forward to earning your trust, goodwill and business.