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Dead Sea Salt Cream

Dead Sea Salt Cream

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Soothe your psoriasis quickly with our Dead Sea Salt cream. Proven to moisturize while providing soothing relief from itchy and flaky skin, our formula uses Dead Sea Salt, which reduces inflammation, along with a healthy dose of aloe vera and nigari to bring your skin the gentle relief it craves.

2 oz | 60 ml


- distilled water
- aloe vera
- lavender-infused olive oil
- Dead Sea salt
- vegetable emulsifying wax
- vitamin E
- rosehip seed oil
- nigari
- frankincense
- myrrh
- licorice extract

Best for...

- Red psoriatic skin
- Itchy, flaky skin
- Dry areas before sleeping
- Right before going under the sun
- Private bits (seriously, it works!)

How to use

Apply to affected areas as needed, and gently massage into the skin for soothing relief.
Please avoid any open wounds.

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  • 100% Natural

  • Made in the USA

  • Zero Steroids

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Why you'll love it

Ultra-quick absorption

- Quick absorption for instant itch-soothing
- The Dead Sea Salt promotes skin hydration as well as reducing inflammation
- Non greasy

Proudly made in the USA

All of our products are hand-crafted with love in Anacortes, WA using ingredients sourced in the USA (with the exception of the Dead Sea Salt, which comes directly from Israel).

- 99% natural ingredients
- No fillers whatsoever
- Hand-sourced in the PNW

No chemicals or steroids

- Steroids can lead to rebounds and can do more damage than good... so we don't use them
- No sulfates
- No parabens

  • Dead Sea Salt

    Rich minerals promote faster hydration, reduce redness, and soothes itchiness

  • Aloe Vera

    Retains moisture in the skin and uses powerful amino acids to knock down inflammation

  • Vitamin E

    Help nourish and protect your skin from damage caused by free radicals. It also help your cells to regenerate.

  • Nigari

    Known as magnesium chloride, Nigari may improve skin hydration and reduce inflammation.

We've got the A's for your Q's

How often should I use Dead Sea Salt for my psoriasis?

As often as you can!  However, give your skin a little time to absorb the good stuff and work its magic.

Is it safe for use on sensitive skin?

Yes - but please avoid areas with open wounds, around the eyes, overly inflamed skin. If this describes your spots, our sensitive cream may be a better fit for you.

Will Dead Sea Salt cure my psoriasis?

Short answer: no. Unfortunately, psoriasis is considered an incurable skin condition. The real name of the game is in managing the flare-ups, and Dead Sea Salt is exceptional at this.

Can I use this in combination with other treatments for my psoriasis?

Absolutely, yes! Especially for those who are using UV-B treatment, it’s very effective to use Dead Sea Salt before you go under the light. Please make sure you talk to your healthcare provider first, however.

How soon will I see results?

Two to six weeks, depending on your condition. Some customers have reported that they’ve seen red spots disappear in less than 5 days, while others have reported it taking up to a few weeks before they saw visible results.

Who are we?

SkinCalm™ is a Washington state-based natural psoriasis store with a focus on providing natural, affordable, and effective care for psoriasis.

Every product stems from decades of experience with our own battles with psoriasis, and every batch is still handmade with love.

Our mission is to make you feel better and more confident in your skin.

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We love the products we make and think you will, too.

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