Easy remedies for psoriasis in the fall and winter

Easy remedies for psoriasis in the fall and winter

It's officially PSL season in the northwest!

For the uninitiated, that stands for Pumpkin Spice Latte, the official drink of fall all around the country and is the best metric to mark the changing of the seasons.

It means the air tastes better, you need an extra hoodie to go outside, and the sun sets quicker and quicker.

For those with psoriasis, though, it can also mean dry, itchy patches start to show up. A few more flakes on your shoulders, spots on your back, and... *gasp* is that a new one on my back?

Less sun, more time spent in heated rooms, drier outside air, and even dietary changes (going back to the PSL thing) all contribute to this.

Of course, there are a number of generic skincare articles online about how to solve these things written by those who may not even have psoriasis, suggesting heavy moisturizers, "eating well", humidifying your room and the like.

Let's face it, you probably already know these things - and know that they don't always work.

So today, I'd like to go a little deeper. Let's talk about how you can manage psoriasis in the fall and winter.

Plan ahead

The fall seasons are busy enough as it is, and you may not have time to restock or make decisions on the fly. So, as simple as it sounds, make a plan.

Make a list of the things that work for you, whether it be creams, lotions, bath salts, supplements, or food. I would make a concerted effort to revisit and restock these items and organize what you'll put where. Make sure you've got travel-sized kits for your battle bag (a.k.a. your purse), and bigger kits for home. Then, order a few items you've been meaning to try, just in case the stuff that worked in the past doesn't work anymore. Always have a backup plan!

Mental Prep

This part goes hand in hand with planning. I've been dealing with psoriasis for a long time, and even though my flare-ups have become much less intense over the past 20 years, I still get red patches in between seasons. And, no matter how many times I've been through it, the moments of panic are still there, wondering if this time it's going to spread all over my body.

But, those are just moments.

It's important as we enter the in-between seasons that you learn to take a deep breath and learn how to put that initial panic out of your head. Rephrase your thinking with "okay, here we go. I've got this. I know what to do. I don't know the exact outcome of this patch, but I was able to deal with it in the past, and will be able to deal with it now."

Trust me - it goes a long way.

Seeing your first red spots

So you've got a red or dry patch. We knew it was bound to happen between the dry air, diet change, or some unknown reason like Saturn changing its orbit or something.

Fortunately, you're prepared. You've had your Battle Bag ready, prepped mentally, and have a solid plan.

The only curveball is if your go-to's don't work like they used to - and that's a very real possibility! I know, because that's been my experience with psoriasis and I'm sure you know what I'm talking about.

Maybe the manufacturer changed the formula or your body randomly decided to ignore your favorites, but all you know is that it's stopped working. Thankfully, you've already thought of this too!

Make sure your backups are ready to go and ready to be used. Personally, I always have 3 other options handy, and actually look forward to trying new stuff.

Focus on the good

A positive attitude will go a long way when dealing with psoriasis in the fall and winter. Beyond planning, I wouldn't spend too much time thinking about the psoriasis, and instead focus on doing something good and nice for yourself. This doesn't mean eating pints of ice cream and binge watching Netflix all day (at least not too many days in a row), but maybe go for a nice walk in the morning or sit out in the sun to get some of that sweet, sweet UV-B and vitamin D.

A few of my go-to remedies for psoriasis in the fall are:

  • A warm bath with epsom salt and a few drops of lavender oil (knocks back inflammation)
  • Trying new recipes for sweet potatoes (because I like potatoes)
  • Pumpkin or fall fruit recipes (for Vitamin A, which helps skin cell production)
  • Eating salmon (for the Omega-3)
  • Trying some new creams

Speaking of trying new stuff...

If you haven't tried SkinCalm™, now's a great time. Stock them up as your go-to's or something to keep as your backup plan. Many of our customers love our scalp spray, not only for their itchy scalps, but also as a pre-hydration spray before applying the Dead Sea Salt cream or Sensitive Cream.

And if you're still here reading, woohoo! As a thank you, use code FALLPREP15 to get 15% off your next order.

We hope some of these help, and you have a great autumn!

P.S. If you have any tips and tricks, we'd love to hear em. Don't be shy, and please write in to info@skincalm.com!

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