How to Remove Psoriasis Scars Naturally

How to Remove Psoriasis Scars Naturally

You've had those red spots for several days, weeks or months. And, with your new skin regimen, new medications or simply a small lifestyle change, your red angry spots finally start to calm down. They start to show some signs of “I’m almost done, I'll be gone in a few days...” stage. 

You finally feel like you can shed those long sleeves. Hooray!! Just in time to break out the short sleeves, open neck tops, short pants or skirts. Bring them on! 

But wait… those scars or dried up spots? Many would say “don’t mind those!” and I’d say the same. But here is the thing, psoriasis scars aren't like normal scars. At one point, they were the spots that were the volcano mouth so-to-say. With other scars and wounds, you can just ignore them. But, with psoriasis scars, since they're particularly sensitive it's best to continue to care for them. If you do, your skin will likely look and feel nicer and healthier for longer.

So how should you care for your psoriasis scars? What I use is the SkinCalm Sensitive Cream. No, I'm not just saying this to get you to buy it. I actually use this all the time. 

What is it? Well, I spent decades looking at what ingredients other products use and studying books and articles. I took all the natural ingredients they recommended and tested them one by one on my skin. I tried lots, I really mean lots! Then, I combined only the ones that worked on me in the SkinCalm Sensitive Cream. 

Here's the winner ingredients that I saw the most results from:

*Organic olive oil that is infused slowly with all the healing herbs like chamomile, calendula, Oregon grape root, comfrey root & leaves.

Organic olive oil that is infused slowly with all the healing herbs like chamomile, calendula, Oregon grape root, comfrey root & leaves can be helpful in dealing with psoriasis scars

*Anti-inflammatory, skin barrier protector Beeswax.

Anti-inflammatory, skin barrier protector Beeswax which can be helpful in healing psoriasis scars

*Ultra long lasting moisturizer Shea butter

Ultra long lasting moisturizer Shea butter (good for psoriasis relief)

*Borage oil (or Starflower Oil) that softens the dead skin and moisturizes/protects at the same time.

Starflowers which are used to make Borage oil which can benefit those with psoriasis 

*Vitamin E and AEA certified emu oil for scar healing.

When and where do I use this cream? Anytime, anywhere! I personally use it on my face because it really locks in the moisture I need during the day, and I even use it pretty close to the eye area (of course, don’t let that cream get into your eyes - that's almost never a good idea with cosmetic products). 

One last thing - Once the moisture is added, I wouldn’t touch it. Even though it can be tempting, touching wherever you put the cream would wake up both your skin and your mind about those “spots”.  Now’s the time to just forget about them. Let the cream do its job, step out, and enjoy the gentle spring sun for now. 

And, let’s hope that those dried up, scar looking spots will happily disappear as long as possible ☺️ 

See more about my sensitive cream here :)

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